Care Guides

Do you have a new pet joining your family? Check out our care guides below!


Download Dog Supply List

Every well-kept dog needs some basic supplies. Many kinds of supplies are available, so your choices will depend on your and your dog’s needs and preferences. Here are some basic guidelines regarding dog supplies.

Download Kennel Your Dog Tips

Before kenneling your dog anywhere, visit the facilities to see whether they appear safe, comfortable, clean, and well-staffed. Kennel facilities range from basic cages to more elaborate accommodations, but the most important considerations are the safety and cleanliness of the facility and the competence of the staff.


Download Kitten Socialization Tips

By exposing kittens to different stimuli in a positive or neutral way, before they can develop a fear of these things, owners can reduce the likelihood of behavior problems in the future and help build a stronger bond between pets and the rest of the family.

Download Litter Box Training

Cats are usually easy to litter box train because they are naturally clean and prefer to bury their waste.